The Passage of the Marshes

'Yes, yes,' said Gollum. 'All dead, all rotten.... The Dead Marshes. There was a great battle long ago, yes, so they told him when Sméagol was young, when I was young before the Precious came. It was a great battle. Tall Men with long swords, and terrible Elves, and Orcses shrieking. They fought on the plain for days and months at the Black Gates. But the Marshes … Continue reading The Passage of the Marshes

Helm’s Deep epic multiplayer adaptation

Welcome to the internet home for Helm's Deep Epic Multiplayer, a fan adaption. If you're a fan of poisoned councils, endless orcs, staying up all night in the rain, having your text boxes blanked, and dying alongside your friends, then I question your sanity. But you've come to the right place! Put on some ill-fitting … Continue reading Helm’s Deep epic multiplayer adaptation