Dwarrowdelf cycle conclusion

With the last clash against Durin's Bane, the Dwarrowdelf cycle (note: always including Khazad-Dum expansion) ends and it is time to make a complex summary. This time I'm going to make a different, more structured, and sophisticated overview, however. Shadows of Mirkwood cycle is mainly typical of the presence of the Core set, which is made by … Continue reading Dwarrowdelf cycle conclusion

Player card review: Road to Rivendell

The heroes continue their journey northward to Rivendell, escorting Arwen to visit her father Elrond. But the road is long, and Orcs ambush the party along the way. With enemies hounding the heroes’ steps, the weather drives the party ever closer to the looming mountains, and the dangers they hold. Even after the journey in … Continue reading Player card review: Road to Rivendell

Player card review: Khazad-Dum

We leave behind the deep and dangerous forests of Mirkwood and handed over the unpredictable Gollum to King Thranduil. Now the whole new adventures await us, far away from Mirkwood forests. The White Council sends us to the Mines of Moria, to find Balin, who establishes there a colony of Dwarves. However, since that time nobody … Continue reading Player card review: Khazad-Dum