Nightmare The Redhorn Gate

A strong cold reigns on Caradhras. While winter has never been kind in these regions and especially on the Redhorn Gate, Caradhras seems to be especially hostile this year. The weather is unforgiving already, but scouts have reported orcs and goblins roaming the pass, some claiming to have seen creatures even bigger than the monstrous … Continue reading Nightmare The Redhorn Gate

Nightmare A Storm on Cobas Haven

This article was written by Bobbymcbobface Na’asiyah: “This is either madness... or brilliance.” Prince Imrahil: “It's remarkable how often those two traits coincide.” Pirates of the Belegaer: The Curse of the Stormcaller There are a select few scenarios where it feels thematically satisfying to amass an army of heroes and allies to go up against … Continue reading Nightmare A Storm on Cobas Haven